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Check out their Triathlon shop and web page.  They have the most extensive Gulf Coast event listing! 


If you've made it here, then you must be loony for triathlons! The idea came from traveling to different states and meeting up with friends from acouple of my favorite running groups and triathlon clubs. There are national running groups, why not a national group for triathletes? That's when the Tri Lunatics came to life!

The Tri Lunatics are a national (now global) community composed of members who have a love for the triathlon sport and the challenges that come with it! It's aim s to focus on a lifelong love of the sport and to bring together those loony enough to take on this challenge. No matter the distance, it's for athletes of all abilities! The more you train, the closer you get to your goal, and the higher you rise in the Tri Lunatic Atmosphere! Level 1 Sprint, Level 5 Ultra distance(+140.6).

We encourage everyone to support their local Tri Club and Triathlon and endurance shops! They are the heart and soul of triathlon and without their support the sport would not be where it is today! I'm currently in the Gulf Coast and these are some of the local shops in my community.  

Check out the Criteria and see where you rank in the Tri Lunatic atmosphere! 
The Sky is the limit!

Check out their Triathlon shop and web page.  Join them for  2 for Tuesday runs!  

Tri Hard Sports
914 Bechtel Rd,  
Ocean Springs, MS

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